As Good As New: Finding the Best Used Digital Cameras for Sale

Digital cameras are great for capturing memories of vacations, family, and friends. However, purchasing a good camera can mean the outlay of quite a bit of money. Luckily, there are alternatives to buying a brand new camera. Many quality used digital cameras for sale are listed in the used market for good prices. The trick is in knowing where to shop.


Amazon is one of the largest online retailers for used products, including digital cameras. There are normally around 2,000 to 3,000 used digital cameras for sale on the Amazon website. Canon is the most common brand for sale on the web retailerís used digital camera section. However, just about every major brand can be found on the site. Shoppers may find user-posted reviews of products to be useful, but not every listed camera has user reviews. Amazon does its best to have as complete a product description as possible, along with any reviews.


KEH claims to be ďAmerica's largest dealer of used cameras and photographic products,Ē with over 60,000 items online. This includes a large variety of digital cameras for sale, with models from almost every major brand. This site also offers a good selection of accessories, although navigating through the web site's categories does not seem as easy as with other sites. KEH usually includes a product description for its listed cameras, but there are not as many user reviews as other sites, such as Amazon.


B&H is one of the largest brick and mortar stores specializing in photography and video equipment. Although the store is located in Manhattan, photographers from all over the world have access to their large array of used digital cameras for sale by visiting the company's web site. Almost all of the used digital cameras available are point-and-shoot models, with Nikon being the most common brand in B&H's used digital camera section. Unfortunately, there are not many user reviews posted in the B&H's used online store.


eBay probably offers the largest market selection for available used cameras, with over 14,000 digital cameras listed on the web site's used section. Another helpful aspect of eBay is that there is an abundance of user-posted reviews. The downside of eBay is that the quality of product descriptions may vary, due to the fact that they are also user-posted, and some users are not as technology-savvy as others. However, given the large amount of choices, a buyer should be able to find the right camera for a good price if they bid effectively.

Local Camera Shop

Another option for finding a used camera for sale is local or regional camera shops. One of the advantages of local camera shops over online stores is that a potential buyer can physically inspect the camera before making the final decision to purchase. Another advantage to the local camera shop is that buyers usually receive more personalized customer service, as well as being provided with a convenient source for returns should any issues arise with the camera.

If shopping at a local camera store, itís important to physically inspect the camera and test it to ensure it functions properly. Whether buying online or at a local shop, find out the retailer's return policy, and inquire about warranties. Overall, with a bit of research and preparation, anyone should be able to find a good deal when looking for used digital cameras for sale.